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Season For Nian Gao & Waxed Meat

Nian Gao Varieties

It is also known as sticky rice cake or in Malay kuih bakul. It is considered good luck to eat nian gao during the new year.

Three variations of nian gao to enjoy at Xin Cuisine – Steamed Nian Gao with Shredded Coconut, Deep-fried Nian Gao Roll with Sweet Potato, Tricolor Crystal Brown Sugar Roll. Each order of nian gao is priced at RM13.00 nett per portion.


Waxed Meat Dishes

Preserved assorted meats have always been a traditional new year dish. We are showcasing three new creations – Oriental Waxed Duck and Sausage Rice, Steamed Oriental Waxed Meat with Chinese Wine and Ginger and Stir-fried Oriental Waxed Meat with Leek Capsicum and Celery. Taste the wonderful flavours and textures.



Date 2 January – 8 February, 2020
Time Lunch & Dinner
Price RM45.00 nett – RM118.00 nett (Waxed Meat)
RM13.00 nett/portion (Nian Gao)
Location Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant


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