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29th Jun 2010


Concorde unveils its exclusive mooncakes gifts sets. Concorde’s treasured keepsakes offers the receiver abundance of wealth for the season.

This year, Concorde pre mooncake celebrations starts July 12 till September 22 to lure corporate companies or individuals to made their early orders. Ovenbaked mooncakes with red bean, green tea, German black forest, chocolate omochi, mixed nuts, white lotus with single/double egg yolk are the usual favourites. Do also sample one of a kind red yeast Japanese sweet potato, espresso chestnut, charcoal baked yam. For those who are careful with sugar intake, there are low sugar white lotus single/double egg yolk mooncakes.

Choose your favourite flavours and have them neatly packed into look-alike goldbars inner boxes that comes in a stylish contemporary metallic green box packaging with an oriental decorative jade ornament. Design, concept applies to both 4 piece (180 gm mooncake) and 6 piece (100 gm mooncake) packagings. All mooncakes are certified ‘halal’. Visit Concorde Mooncake booth for a closer look.

Discounts & Early Bird Special!
- Discount for Concorde Entertainment Card (CEC) members
- 20% discount for early birds for period July 12 – August 12, 2010

For bulk purchase, call the hotel directly to find out special offers. For more information, please call 21448750.


July 12 - September 22, 2010
Early Bird Special! From July 12 - August 12, 2010


RM62.00 - RM92.00 nett (4 piece box with tea)
RM48.00 - RM66.00 nett (6 piece box)

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